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The story of Kimaya

'Kimaya' is divine lustre... 'Kimaya' also means magic.

Kimaya Skin Care is formed by two friends... Manisha and Nisha. We make a range of skincare products in our own homes that work magic on your skin.

Alliterative names aside, Nisha and Manisha have a lot in common: in particular an inclination to live a healthy, sustainable and mindful lifestyle.  We exchange notes on everything - from recipes to gardening to recycling to parenting!

We have young children with sensitive skin and want the best possible products  to use on their tender (and our own not so tender :)) skin... Store bought solutions just didn't seem to work. So we decided to make our own.

We started with a recipe that was formulated by Nisha’s grandfather and passed down to her parents. It has been made and used in the family for years. A go-to solution for dry skin, cracked heels, nicks, cuts and burns… this recipe had it all!

We took that recipe and played with it. So Manisha came up with some permutations and Nisha came up with some combinations. It was so much fun!

We were back to exchanging notes, testing batches, making changes and testing again… and then again. Till we got to the point where we have a range of products that we absolutely love!

And thus Kimaya Skin Care was born. 

At the risk of sounding boastful we have to say that we love our products so much that we just can’t stand using store-bought solutions anymore. It’s a little bit like homemade bread – once you get used to the taste and smell of fresh baked bread, the preservative laden loaves just won’t do!

In the same manner, at Kimaya Skin Care we make our products ourselves, in small batches using pure and, wherever possible, organic ingredients.

Because only the best will do!

Meet the Team

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Nisha and Manisha